Thoracic outlet syndrome can express itself through a variety of symptoms, from numbness of the arm to weakness of the shoulders and neck. For most patients, however, the most debilitating symptom is the constant neck pain associated with thoracic outlet syndrome. Luckily, there are multiple remedies available for patients suffering from chronic neck pain due to thoracic outlet syndrome.

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Exercises to Treat Neck Pain

Neck exercises are extremely useful for relieving pressure on the thoracic outlet. This pressure is what causes neck pain symptoms in the first place. By gently stretching the neck, patients can experience a reduction in the severity and frequency of their neck pain.

Scalene stretch

The scalene stretch is simple to perform and can be done anywhere. Simply hold your hands together behind your back and lower your left shoulder. After lowering your shoulder, tilt your head to the right and hold for a few seconds. Then, repeat the process, only opposite (lower your right shoulder and tilt your head to the left). This exercise will stretch the thoracic outlet and relieve compression in the shoulder.

Lateral flexion

Lateral flexions are simple: just lower your ear to your shoulder. Gently lower your ear to the right or left, hold, and then switch sides after a few repetitions.

To read about more exercises than can alleviate neck pain and reduce pressure in the thoracic outlet, please visit our thoracic exercises page.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is more intensive than most exercises, but can be extremely effective in reducing neck pain. Before engaging in physical therapy, it’s important that patients first speak with a thoracic doctor or surgeon. If a specialist thinks that physical therapy can help, he or she will introduce you to a physical therapist. During physical therapy, a patient will perform a range of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the neck and shoulder.

Other Neck Pain Treatments

Other non-invasive treatment methods for dealing with neck pain include deep tissue massage, cold or heat application, and electrical stimulation. As is the case with most treatment remedies, it’s important to consult a doctor or surgeon before engaging in any neck pain treatment methods.

Contact a Thoracic Specialist Today

If you experience frequent neck pain, it’s possible that you may be suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome. If simple exercises, physical therapy, and other neck pain treatments do not help relieve your neck pain, it’s possible that you may require a minimally-invasive surgery to reduce pressure in the thoracic outlet.

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