thoracic-outlet-testimonials-los-angeles-la-peerAt the Thoracic Surgery Outlet Surgery Center of Excellence, our surgeons are committed to providing patients with excellent care alongside the most cutting-edge treatments available. We love treating our patients with the ultimate care, which is why we enjoy hearing how our services have impacted their lives. The following are all real testimonials from La Peer patients.

“I had to have surgery for a lymph nodes related case. Dr Ali Mahtabifard specializes in this sort of cases. And I couldn’t have been so lucky and grateful to have such an AMAZING and CARING doctor to discover my case and operate on it right away before it got worse. He’s DEFINITELY a SPECIALIST. In every sense. And a wonderful human being. Great staff as well. Thank you. Cheers.”
-Sammi R.

“It’s been about 6 months since my surgery with Dr. Mahtabifard for Hyperhidrosis. I am more than happy to say that I am no longer suffering from this debilitating condition. Many years ago when I was still a child, I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis from my family physician. At the time, my parents told me that I wouldn’t be able to be cured and that there weren’t any treatments that could help me. As I grew older, it became more and more difficult for me to live a normal life. I constantly hid my hands away from people because I was ashamed of the excessive sweating. About a year ago, I started doing my own research and came across Dr. Mahtabifard in Los Angeles. I read through his impressive expertise and decided to make a phone call for a consultation.

During our consultation, Dr. Mahtabifard explained to me that the most effective procedure to treat my hyperhydrosis would be a minimally invasive surgery- thoracic sympathectomy. After explaining all the details and answering many of my questions, I knew that this would be the answer I was looking for. I was tired living with this condition and hearing Dr. Mahtabifard’s medical advice really uplifted and reassured me. He gave me so much positivity and I was excited to undergo the procedure. After my surgery, things have dramatically changed. I am no longer sweating from my hands and it has made a drastic change in my life. I suffered from this condition for years and didn’t realize how unhappy it was making me until after the results from the thoracic surgery. I work in a Dentist’s office and I am no longer worried about wearing gloves around patients. I don’t have any problems anymore typing on my keyboard which really makes my life so much easier. I can touch objects without my sweaty hands and I enjoy many activities I didn’t feel comfortable doing before. Thank you so much Dr. Mahtabifard for helping me, I am so grateful for everything you and your staff have done for me!”-Virginia C.

“In October of 2008, I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I had a tumor in each of my lungs. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Mahtabifard. He was optimistic that he could perform successful surgeries. He took the time to draw a diagram and explain how he was going to remove each tumor. In mid November he removed the first tumor and the following month, mid December, he removed the second tumor. Dr. Mahtabifard saved my life!

He is a very caring, and personable doctor. Dr. Mahtabifard has continued to follow up on my overall health for the last 4 1/2 years since my last surgery. He really cares. My surgeries were a success and I continue to live a full life with my wife, kids and grandchildren thanks to Dr. Mahtabifard. I am forever grateful.”-Earl B.

“About 2 years ago, I learned that I had esophageal cancer. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Fuller in Beverly Hills. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Fuller and upon meeting with him, he immediately approached me with honesty, compassion, and positivity. I brought my husband with me which Dr. Fuller completely supported and knew how important it would be for me to have him with me throughout the whole process. It really put me at ease being that it was a very difficult situation for both of us. Dr. Fuller explained the whole process to us- the details of my diagnosis, what my options were for treatment, and what outcomes we could expect. He addressed many questions I had before I even asked him and he made sure to give us enough time to fully digest everything that was happening. What I really appreciated was how positive and encouraging he was throughout the whole process which is so important through any difficult situation.

I made the choice to take advantage of surgery and we scheduled it right away. During my procedure, I received excellent care. I was feeling quite anxious about the surgery but Dr. Fuller and his staff made sure to check on me a number of times to monitor how my progress was going and to offer me comfort. Everyone at the practice was extremely skilled at their jobs and I never felt worried about my well-being. Any time I had any questions, Dr. Fuller was there offering me support and answering me thoroughly. He made decisions based on my responses during each stage of my recovery. My family was blown away by the care and respect they provided us. No one wants to hear they have Cancer but after going through my experience with thoracic surgeon Dr. Fuller, I feel blessed that everything turned out great and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”-V.C.

“I’ve dealt with acid reflux for a long time now and it was always a serious problem, but I learned to just deal with it. It wasn’t until I saw my doctor when he suggested that I see Dr. Fuller about a procedure called TIF or transoral incisionless fundoplication (I hope I spelled that right). Unlike traditional surgery to treat acid reflux, Dr. Fuller’s technique doesn’t require any incisions, which was a huge relief. I’m not a big fan of getting cut up (who knew!).

It’s a bit weird explaining it, but Dr. Fuller basically stuck a camera down my mouth and into my stomach. Then he essentially moved the part of my stomach that prevents the acid from coming up, down. In all, I was there for around an hour and even got to go home the same day. Amazingly, I no longer suffer from acid reflux. It’s a HUGE relief and I’m so thankful to Dr. Fuller and everyone else he works with.

His staff made it really easy to book appointments and also deal with the dreaded insurance. In the past, I’ve dealt with other doctor offices and it was always a pain to figure out what I would owe and how best to have my insurance involved. That was not the case with Dr. Fuller’s team. They were understanding and really went the extra mile, following up with me whenever something unexpected came up. I’m not a millionaire, so I really appreciated the fact that they were taking me into account every step of the way.

My life is so much better now that I’ve had this procedure. I don’t know how I waited this long to have it done. If you’re looking for an expert thoracic surgeon to help you with acid reflux, go see Dr. Fuller today. I completely recommend him and am so much better because of the TIF procedure I underwent.”-Arsen S.